Inverness County Cares (ICC) a local volunteer society was formed in 2012. Since then ICC has worked to support children in the third world by providing food, shelter and education.

Initially after our previous Kenyan project was completed in 2018, ICC cooperated with ‘Wishing Wells’, a community organization in St Andrews, Antigonish County, to provide a Ugandan village with a water collection system.  (Story details later)

Our current project is to provide food, shelter and an education to children in the St. Odilia

 and St Mary schools in Zambia. These schools are refuges for children with albinism (albino) and visual impairment. People with albinism in Zambia live in fear for their lives because of the high value placed on their body parts by witch doctors. This leads to abduction, dismemberment and death at the hands of believers in witchcraft. The schools are one of the very few places where people with albinism can live without fear.

One of our most successful fundraisers is the collection of refundable beverage containers. Collection depots are located in a cube truck box parked by Ted and Hermina Van Zutphen’s lane at the Corner in Port Hood and a similar truck parked in the Freshmart parking lot in Mabou.  We sincerely appreciate the generosity of Ted and Hermina Van Zutphen, and Wayne and Karen Beaton at the Mabou Freshmart for providing the parking spaces for the trucks.

Thank you to the generous local people who drop off their refundable beverage containers at the trucks. The bags are arranged and stacked by Ted Van Zutphen in Port Hood and Raymond DeBont in Mabou, a task much appreciated by ICC. When the trucks are full, the beverage containers are sold to the local recycle depot.  

The proceeds from the present load will be donated to our local Knights of Columbus Food Banks in Mabou and Port Hood, to help during the Christmas season. The rest of the year the proceeds go to support the current ICC projects.

Guide to beverage container collection

  • Drink boxes plastic, glass or tin juice containers 
  • Soft drink containers 
  • Alcoholic beverage containers
  • Water and flavoured water containers 
  • Any other sealed drink container except milk and milk products 
  • Please remove the caps