Inverness County Cares wants to thank our friends and neighbours for their support of our fundraising Thai dinner on Saturday November 18th. Forty-eight people were served and judging by the plates that came back to the kitchen, they enjoyed their meal. Betty Jane Cameron gave a passionate account of her time spent living with the students at the St Charles Lwanga School for 2 month and shared with joy, that she will return this January for 3 months. Fr. Duncan MacIsaac also shared his experiences and the love and hope he experienced at the school. We thank our guests for their interest in our school and their inquiries about the students.

Thank you to our kitchen workers and planners, Flo Campbell, Charlotte Rankin, Susan and Sam Moran, Karen and Tom Wager, Sheila MacDonell, Winnie Rankin, Elaine Rankin, Camille Chapman and Colleen MacLeod.

Thank you to the wonderful young ladies from the Students Helping Our World (SHOW) group from Dalbrae Academy who worked as servers. They were so professional and efficient. Thanks also to their teacher Melissa Cummings for bringing us together.

Alexandra Beaton , Maeve Gillis , Grace MacDonald , Catherine Beaton , Sarah Wilson , Taylor Aylward

Thanks to John Gillies for his services as MC. As usual he did a great job of welcoming our guests and keeping the evening on track. Thank you to Susan Mallette for help with decoration and RJ Poirier for help with technology.

We give thanks we live in a place where people are eager and willing to give their time to help their brothers and sisters no matter how far away. Thank you all!

Several people asked for the recipes. They are posted below.

Jerry Sprinrolls

 Thai red curry meatballs

Pumpkin curry soup

Thai salad

Pad Thai

Coconut Cream Cake