Inverness County Cares (ICC) continues to work on their commitment to raise the $60,000 portion of the $120,000 needed to support the St Charles Lwanga Secondary School, in Nairobi Kenya for a budget year. Our partner Chalice Canada of Bedford, Nova Scotia contribute the remaining $60,000.

The school is making great strides toward sustainability through their cooperation with the Burlington Vermont based, Vermont Center for International Learning Partnerships, with a focus on environmental agriculture. Their plan is to educate the students and community on the establishment of an agricultural model where they will learn to enrich the soil and plant crops, which will provide maximum yield in the location and conditions they have to work with. This is the beginning of a strategy to work with the school to provide much of their own food. At this point a large part of the school budget goes for food with prices escalating due to a drought in the region.  According to Integrated Regional Information Networks (IRIN), “Widespread crop failure and falling terms of trade for pastoralists have affected farming and agro-pastoral communities in the northwest, northeast, and coastal strip of Kenya. The two main rainy seasons failed in 2016. There are growing reports of conflict as a result of displacement and water shortages.”

To meet out budget commitments, Inverness County Cares is planning a Lobster Dinner fundraiser. On Saturday June 24th, 2017 ICC will host a lobster dinner fundraiser from 6:00-9:00 pm, at the home of Tony and Flo Campbell, 5435 Highway19, Judique. There will be appetizers, one whole 1 ½ pound lobster each, salads, fresh rolls and delicious desserts! Music will be provided. Tickets for this event can be purchased by calling Susan Moran 902-787-2241. 100% of donations will go to St. Charles Lwanga School.


#1: St Charles Lwanga students putting agricultural knowledge into practice.

#2: St Charles Lwanga director meeting with Vermont partners

#3: 2016 lobster dinner